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Chelsea Recreation Zone, now available online!

Chelsea Recreation Zone, your new tool to keep up with the physical, social and cultural activities program!

The Municipality of Chelsea's Recreation, Sport, Culture and Community Life Department and the Meredith Centre are proud to announce the launch of a new microsite dedicated to the Recreation Zone program.

Winter Trail Conditions

Conditions of the Winter Trail along the railway corridor, further to the passage of the trail grooming equipment for Avril 5, 2019.

Compacted snow density: 19 cm

Water reduction notice to users of the water system

Work required at the water treatment plant from April 8 to 12 creates a risk of low-flow wastewater discharge into the Gatineau River despite the mitigation measures that will be put in place to limit any discharge.

This work is necessary to replace some control panels to keep our plants operating. Since this is work related to control panels, system shutdown is necessary to allow the contractor to proceed safely.


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