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Notice – Clarification on the closure of the Meredith Centre arena

The Municipality of Chelsea would like to inform you that only the arena section of the Meredith Centre is closed for all the users and staff members as a health and safety measure. The community centre and exercise gym will remain open.

All activities at the Meredith Centre will take place as scheduled, with the exception of the activities in the arena. It is important to note that the arena and the community centre have separate ventilation systems.

For any questions or information, please contact 819 827-1160.

Meredith Centre Arena Temporary Closure

The Meredith Centre arena has been closed in short notice due to an expedited construction schedule. This construction schedule was advanced as a result of the most recent air quality report. This report raised concerns about the quality of the air in the arena (not the community center) and in the interest of public health and safety the municipality decided to close the arena.

Beginning of Hollow Glen dam renovation work

The Municipality of Chelsea would like to inform the residents that the Hollow Glen dam renovation work will begin on August 26, 2014. The work estimated to $ 1 million dollars should have a duration of two months and intends to bring the dam up to the standards prescribed for such an infrastructure.


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