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Winter Trail and Ice Rinks Conditions

Conditions of the Winter Trail along the railway corridor, further to the passage of the trail grooming equipment for February 1st, 2019.

Snow density: 13 cm after grooming

Precipitations since last passage: 13 cm of snow and 0 mm of rain

Compost and waste collection postponed to tomorrow

Please note that the contractor is unable to complete the planned compost and waste collection today due to the slippery roadway and an incident with one of his trucks. 

Possible delay in the collection of residual materials today

Please note that the contractor in charge of collecting residual materials has fallen behind in his operations due to a mechanical breakdown on his equipment. 
It is therefore possible that your bins may be picked up later than usual. The contractor still expects to be able to complete his operations by 6:00 p. m. 


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