Compost collection: no plastic bags allowed

The door-to-door collection of compostable materials has now officially begun!

As in any new program, a few adjustments are required to optimize it.

If you notice that the contents of your brown bin have not been picked up, it may be because the contractor noticed that you were using plastic bags. As mentioned in the explanatory brochure you received at home and on the Municipality's website, compostable plastic bags are prohibited in the brown bin.

Instead of plastic bags, you can use:

- Paper or wax paper bags designed for this purpose (available in supermarkets)

- Newsprint paper

- Paper bags such as grocery bags

What to do if your brown bin has not been picked up?

If your brown bin has not been picked up because you were using plastic bags, don't worry. You still have time to adjust before the next collection on January 28.

Since we are aware that you must adjust to a new practice, surplus compost will exceptionally be accepted at the next collection if it is placed next to your bin in an authorized bag (green waste bags, large paper bags, etc.).

If your brown bin has not been picked up, even if you used paper bags, you must contact the Municipality the day after the collection day and within a maximum of 24 hours.

Phone : 819 827-1160

Email :