Health Challenge

The Health Challenge, “Exercise” Your Healty Living Every Day

More than 600 municipalities committed to help their citizens to improve their lifestyle in a more healthy way through the Health Challenge. The Municipality of Chelsea is now also a part of this challenge this year! Each one of us that participates in the challenge increases the Municipality’s chance to win prizes for the whole community.

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The Health Challenge invites every Quebecer, alone or with family, to make health a priority during a collective and motivating challenge. The participants of this challenge commit to achieve, from April 1st to 30th, 3 objectives that help with physical and mental health:

  • Eating at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables per day;
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes per day;
  • Be grateful of 3 positive things every day.

In addition to tricks and exclusive offers, the Health Challenge suggests you, on its website, to prepare these changes and to follow up on them during the whole challenge. You can register your progress in the section Mon Défi Santé (website in French only).

To help you, the Municipality of Chelsea, in collaboration with the Meredith Centre, will provide to you, all month long, some free support. All of those who signed up to the challenge will be able to attend, free of charge, certain classes.

Furthermore, the Municipality invites you to take advantage of its infrastructures available all year long across Chelsea’s territory:

  • Three community bins available in community parks of Hollow Glen and Farm Point as well as at the Meredith Centre
  • Seven types of themed back packs for physical activity (to rent at the municipal library)
  • Community trail starting on Wallace road
  • Baseball and soccer fields on Old Chelsea road
  • Neighborhood parks (Hollow Glen, Juniper, Belle-Terre, Chelsea Park, Radapaw Ridge, Musie, Southridge and Farm Point)
  • Municipal library and Hollow Glen and Farm Point’s library services (books and DVDs on nutrition and physical activity)


The Health Challenge offers multiple prizes for municipalities that will have been able to encourage the widest part of their population to participate in the challenge or local physical activities.

Mobilized Municipalities Price

·         A batch of sports and recreational material, worth $300.

Energetic Municipalities Price

·         Assistance in the building of a training circuit worth $3000 offered by ESKair aménagement.

Several Other Prices

The Health Challenge will also put together two contests for municipal projects in favour of healthy living habits. The Municipality of Chelsea has submitted its project of  Community Bins for fun physical activities and Themed back pack. You will eventually be able to vote for your favorite initiative on Health Challenge’s Facebook page. We will let you know when the time comes!


Do you need help to prepare your challenge? Here is le Kit de départ Défi Santé (Document in french only). Alone, with family or with colleagues, this document can help you plan your new living habits and monitor your progress!

To Eat Better



The Health Challenge and its specialists offer many tricks to plan your meals and snacks on its web page Astuces pour les repas (website in French only). Here is also a few examples of recipes you could find on the website in order to give you a taste (documents and website in French only): 

And much more…! 



Pour bouger plus

To exercise more

In need of inspiration or a little boost to start exercising? Visit Bougez plus(website in French only).

Meanwhile, here is a few solutions to a few good excuses to stay on the couch.

I do not have time.

Active people do not necessarily have more free time. It is more a question of priorities and interest. During more busy times, allow yourself reduce the amount of time you dedicate to sports or split your 30 minutes in smaller blocks of ten.

I am too tired.

Good thing the physical activities provide more energy then!

I am not skilled not enough.

Evidently, roller-skating is not for everyone, but walking is very accessible.