Hollow Glen Dam


 November 2015 - Public consultation

Public consultation on the cost-sharing of repair work

Presentation - November 16 2015

 September 2014 - Update on the project

FAQ - Hollow Glen dam renovation work meeting of September 9

 August 2014 - Update on the project

The Municipality of Chelsea would like to inform you that due to material shipping delays, the Hollow Glen dam renovation work are deffered. Please refer to the Hollow Glen dam section on the municipal website, an updated work calendar will be available shortly. The Municipality would like to apologize for this situation out of its control and takes all necessary measures to begin the work as soon as possible. 

 July 2014 - Update on the project

Following the adoption of the Borrowing bylaw, the MRC is now awaiting approvals from the Ministry of Municipal Affaires and Land Occupancy (MAMOT) before starting the rehabilitation work of Hollow Glen dam. These begin as soon as possible. They will last about 35 days and must be completed before November 30, 2014.

Work Plan (French only)

Règlement d'emprunt 194-13 (French only)

Règlement d'emprunt 210-14 (French only)

Résolution octroi de contrat - Charex (French only)