How to avoid compost to freeze in your brown bin?

In winter, the compostable materials in the brown bin tend to stick to the faces with freezing. This makes it more difficult for the contractor to properly empty your brown bin during collection and increases the risk of damaging your bin.  
Here are some useful tips to know to ensure optimal emptying:
  • Use a large paper bag for yard waste inside your brown bin to reduce contact between wet materials and the faces of the bin. These bags are sold in most hardware stores;
  • Line the bottom of your brown bin with newspaper or a piece of cardboard to absorb moisture and encourage the materials to come off when lifting;
  • Freeze your food before disposing of it in your brown bin;
  • Avoid putting liquid residue in your brown bin.
Reminder - Plastic bags are not allowed in the brown bin, even those called compostable or biodegradable. Only paper bags are accepted.