Inauguration of a commemorative plaque in honor of Mrs. Carol Martin

On Saturday, May 20, 2018, a commemorative plaque was erected in honor of one of Chelsea’s Great Ladies, Mrs. Carol Martin. An avid historian and former President of the Gatineau Valley Historical Society, Carol Martin leaves a legacy rich in history and local culture.

You can visit the commemorative plaque, located in the heart of the Old Chelsea Protestant Cemetery.

To learn more about Carol Martin:

Carol Martin (1934-2016), an avid genealogist and local historian, was actively involved with the Gatineau Valley Historical Society for more than thirty years.

In 1989, Carol succeeded in having the Chelsea Protestant Burial Ground designated as a historical monument. Since then, she remained committed to the ongoing care and preservation of the cemetery. She developed the interpretive pamphlet describing its history that is available at the entrance of the cemetery. In 2005, Carol’s Master`s thesis in History was published as a book, In Memory of Chelsea’s Historic Cemeteries, which is still available today.

Carol Martin would be honoured to have this bench here in her memory, for visitors to rest upon and to reflect on those Chelsea settlers whose gravestone inscriptions attest to their arrival in the region.