Questionnaire on Health Services in Chelsea

Dear Chelsea residents,

Last March, Chelsea’s Municipal Council adopted a resolution creating a Working Group on Health Services in Chelsea.

The mandate of this committee is to establish and document the needs for health care and services, and to propose an action plan to promote and increase health services in our municipality.

Since the near-closure of the CLSC in Chelsea, residents have been deprived of basic health services which require the presence of a full-time nurse in our municipality. All other CLSCs  ̶  in La Pêche, Cantley, Low and Val-des-Monts  ̶  have one or two nurses in their municipalities. This service is essential to provide follow-up for a patient who has been hospitalized or who requires services such as a bandage change, a cancer treatment or a specific injection. The agency that manages health services in the Outaouais (CISSS) requires us to travel for these services to CLSC, outside our municipality.

This questionnaire will be used to clarify the needs of our residents, now and in the future. It is completely anonymous.

I invite all residents to complete the questionnaire by July 31st, 2018. You may complete it online by clicking here, mail it to 100 Old Chelsea Road, Chelsea, Quebec J9B 1C1, or drop it off at the reception desk of the Town Hall.

Thank you for your cooperation on this important issue that touches all of us.


Caryl Green