Septic Systems & Wells

Updated June 9, 2017


Requesting Information on your Septic System and your Well


If you are looking to obtain...

A letter from the Municipality regarding your septic system:

  • You must complete the application form, Request for Information on a Septic Installation and drop it off at the Municipality’s reception desk along with a payment of $50 payable by check, debit or cash.  The owner's signature is required except in cases where a notary was commissioned and making the request.  In this case, the notary’s office will be charged.  The letter sets out information available on file about your septic system and the results of the last inspection made under the Septic Tank Emptying Program offered by the Municipality.  It should be noted that the inspection carried out under this Program is a visual inspection only.


A more comprehensive assessment of your septic system:

  • We recommend you have it inspected by a consultant specialized in sanitary engineering.  We would like to point out that the Municipality of Chelsea cannot guarantee the compliance, longevity and proper functioning of the septic system.  


We understand that these types of letters are required rapidly in real estate transactions, nevertheless, please allow 10 business days for the issuance of this document.


Any other type of information about your septic system or well (i.e., a copy of the site plan, etc.):

  • We ask that you send your request by email to  A delay of  approximately 10 business days. should be expected to process the request.


A permit for a septic system:

  • We invite you to consult the "Permits" section by clicking here. to find out the steps and fees associated with this type of request.