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Chelsea's Winter Carnaval held Saturday February 7th was a huge success!

Thank you to ALL the families who enjoyed the skating rink, the toboggan hill ,the games and horses sleigh, the competitors that participated in the darts tournament, the kids who participated to the Kids Art Expo, all the people who came to the lasagna supper and Carol Renaud music show in the evening.  Thank you to IGA Charles and to the Domaine du vignoble for their collaboration to the festivities.

Thank you to all the volunteers who made it all happen. Furthermore, big thanks to Sylvie Daoust, volunteer and coordinator of the Carnaval.

Community Winter Trail on the railway


The ski trail on the railway has been compacted and expanded on Thursday, February 5th. It was schedule to be groomed by a tractor to make classic ski tracks on Saturday, February 7th. Have a great ski!  


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