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Radon Test Kit

Chelsea, September 11 2014

Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from natural decay of uranium in the earth's crust that an increased lifetime risk of developing lung cancer. Fall is the perfect time to test your house. Come and get your radon test kit at a new price : 16 $. Please visit radon section under environment tab on our website for more information.

Reminder - Reduction of speed limit on Scott Road

The Municipality of Chelsea wishes to inform its residents and tourists traveling within its territory that it will be lowering the speed limit on Scott Road as of Oct 4, 2014.

The Municipal Council made this decision at its regular meeting of July 7th. All of Scott Road will be affected; areas where the speed was 60 km/h will now be 50 km/h and the school area will become a 30 km/h zone. The objective is obviously to improve the safety for all using this road, as well as for the students of du Grand-Boisé, located in the heart of this area.

Plan directeur de transport actif

The Municipality of Chelsea is happy to present the Active Transportation Masterplan, created in partnership with Chelsea Trails. The plan was tabled during last Municipal Council meeting and will be adopted at the next one. This plan will be an important tool for the development of trails and bicycle paths in Chelsea, in order to serve the needs for utilitarian and recreational trips as well as to promote healthy lifestyles.


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