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The Meredith Centre will reopen to the public Saturday morning

CHELSEA, March 8, 2013- The Municipality of Chelsea wishes to inform the population that the Meredith Centre will reopen to the public tomorrow morning and all activities and operations will return to normal.

New Recreation Program


The new Recreation Program called RECREATION ZONE is now available

Be right on time, check your smoke alarms


Chelsea, March 5, 2013. — The Chelsea Fire Department, in collaboration with the Department of Public Safety, invites you to take advantage of the time change on Sunday (March 11) to check your smoke alarms and, if necessary, replace the battery.  Remember that a smoke alarm that operates at all times can save lives.


To verify your smoke alarm, you simply press the button a few seconds for the test signal to be heard.  A smoke alarm in good condition issues a signal immediately after pressing the test button.



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