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La Petite Séduction in Chelsea!

The organizing committee is still working on this project to make this event more than exciting! For more details, visit their Facebook page!

Road Safety - Burnett Road

Please take note that the east extremity of Burnett road has been secured during the week of April 22th. The initial configuration of the road ending directly in the Gatineau River was unsafe for traffic. A reconfiguration and installation of signalisation has been done to ensure road safety within this area. Thank you for your cooperation and please excuse us for any inconvenience this may create.

Public information session - Building Community

Building Community:
Bringing Affordable Housing for Seniors to Chelsea

May 1, 2012 at 7 p.m.
St.Stephen’s Church in Old Chelsea

Presented by the Municipality of Chelsea Sub-committee for Seniors’ Affairs and Affordable Housing
of the Municipality of Chelsea

For additional information, please contact Céline Brault, Councillor for District 5 (819) 459 -3668



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