Municipal By-laws

Internal Governance

  • By-law No. 863-13: Concerning the internal governance as well as the rules and procedures related to the Municipal Council (French only)



Fire Department

Residual Waste and Recycling

  • Garbage: By-law No. 969-16 concerning the removal of garbage (French only)

Standardized By-Laws

  • Public Nuisance:  Full text updated with changes made since May 10, 2017

  • Animals:  By-law No. 13-RM-02 concerning animals (French only)

  • By-law No. 874-14 :  Fees for dog licence (French only)

  • Traffic and parking:  By-law No. 12-RM-03 concerning traffic and parking as well as to govern traffic, parking and stops (French only)

  • Peace and order:  By-law No. 12-RM-04 concerning the maintenance of public peace and order (French only)

  • Smoking in Municipal Parks: By-law No. 973-13 concerning the smoking in Municipal Parks (French only)


  • By-Law No. 1008-17: By-law modifying By-law No. 954-15 imposing a general property tax at different rates for the 2017 fiscal year