Community trail

In 2014, the Council began exploring the development of a community trail along the railway corridor. As a result of these discussions, Council decided to end the long-term lease with the CCFO, to establish an ad hoc committee to study the proposal, and to undertake a feasibility study on the topic.

In light of this, the Director General informed the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec (MTQ) of Council’s intention to no longer use the railway corridor for trains. In accordance with the law, a public notice was then published in Le Droit regional newspaper.

The Council decided to include the cost of the feasibility study, both a technical and financial analysis, in its 2016 operating budget. Council proposed beginning the first phase of the project in 2016, and therefore included a first phase in its three-year investment plan. It’s important to note that all spending will require an additional Council vote to proceed.
The study, as well as the recommendations by the committee, will be tabled at an upcoming Council meeting when this information will become available to residents. An information session is planned to present the findings of the study, and a consultation will be held after that to gather feedback from residents.

Council will consider proceeding with this community trail based on the results of the feasibility study (costs and impacts), the recommendations of the ad hoc committee, and input from residents during the consultation period.
We ask you to speak with or write to your councillor about the proposed trail. Based on that advanced feedback, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document will be prepared and posted on the municipal website to facilitate ongoing discussion.

Council is approaching this decision with open minds within a participative process. We look forward to working with all residents to make the best decision for our community.

Caryl Green, Mayor of Chelsea


Work of the removal of rails and ties


QWhat kind of noise level can I expect during the work?
RClick here to download the document regarding the noise level of the equipment used during the work

Q:  What is the distance required from the rail bed for any personal equipment or object? 
R: To allow contractors to work efficiently, a distance of 3.5 meters (about 12 feet) each side of the central line of the rail bed is required. During the work, contractors must be specially careful about any private installations along the railway corridor but these installations should not interfered with the removal operations. 

Q: What will happen with the existing signage? 
R: These will be removed for reuse or for historical purpose.