Ready for the first collection of compostable materials?

In Chelsea, 2019 begins with an easy to maintain resolution: maximize the value of our compostable materials with the door-to-door compost collection.

As of next week, brown bin can be placed at the street so that the contractor can collect its contents.

Here is a reminder of some important points to remember:

  • Plastic bags are banned from your brown bin, even those marked biodegradable or compostable. This reduces program costs. We recommend it to prevent compostable materials from freezing and sticking to the bottom of your brown bin.
  • Residents who already compost at home are invited to use the door-to-door collection t to get rid of the materials you can’t compost at home. You can consult Recy-Quebec website for more information about home composting.
  • Regularly consult the explanatory brochure you received at home to check the materials to be put in the brown bin.

Collection calendar

The new collection schedule is now in effect since January .1You can consult it by clicking here.

You will also find it on page 3 of the explanatory brochure on compost you received at home, or in your municipal calendar.


Main changes to remember:


New schedule

Januray to April

· Garbage: 1x per month

· Compost / Recycling : alternately every other week

May to September

· Compost: every week

· Gargabe / Recycling : alternately every other week

October to December*

· Garbage: 1x per month

· Compost / Recycling : alternately every other week

* Please note that an error occurred in the December edition of the Chelsea Express. The period beginning in October ends in December and not in September.