2018 Budget Forecast

Mayor's Report on the 2018 Budget Forecast for the Municipality of Chelsea

January 9, 2018

Dear residents,

It is with pleasure that I present to you the budget estimates for the year 2018. I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the members of Council in this first budget of our mandate. I believe this budget reflects the needs and interests of Chelsea residents, while considering their ability to pay.

To begin, it is important to note the completion of the Centre Village drinking water and wastewater projects. Both systems have been fully operational for one year, and 95% of existing homes and businesses are now served. We can be proud that the environmental concerns have been addressed.

The Municipality financed the majority of this project in 2016 (partial funding of $19.2 million), at an average rate of 2.3755% renewable in 10 years. The balance of the total funding of $20M included the financing of work on the roads, renewable in 5 years.

The total cost of this project for the Centre Village is within the estimated budget.

Following the construction of this new water and wastewater infrastructure, 4 new businesses and 28 new homes have been built, resulting in new tax revenues in 2017. These new buildings will bring additional revenues for the years to come.

New applications for the construction of businesses and homes will be carefully reviewed by staff and the Planning Committee before Council decides to approve these applications. The Council is committed to ensuring a meticulous implementation of the Centre Village vision as articulated by residents in 2011.


2018 Property Tax Rate

The new 2018 three-year roll resulted in an average increase in assessments of 3.9%:

Vacant land = 19.6%; Cottages = 4.6%; Single-family residences = 1.9%

As promised, the Council chose to reduce the Mill rate by 3.9% to offset the average increase in property value of 3.9% as per this year's new assessment roll.

Owners of cottages and vacant land will benefit from some protection through the lowering of the Mill rate, but they will see the increased evaluation of their properties reflected in their 2018 property taxes.

After a careful review of expenses and revenues, the Council is pleased to announce that the 2018 property tax increase will be 1.85% (after the 3.9% reduction of the Mill rate). This tax increase of 1.85% corresponds to the increase in the cost of living and remains below 2%, as promised.

The 2018 property taxes for a single-family home, that increased in value by 1.9%, will decrease by $7.66; however the rate for septic tank emptying will increase by $46 (due to the fact that the emptying will be done every 2 years rather than 3 years), and the price for a compost bin of $43.93.

2018 global tax rate = 0.7413 (i.e. 2017 = 0.7573 - 3.9% + 1.85%)

The 2018 tax rate: ·

  • $ 0.7413 per $100 of residential valuation
  • $ 1.0474 per $100 of non-residential valuation

Single-family residence tax account (average increase of taxable assessment = 1.9%):

Value $407,500 * .7413 =     $3,020.80
                                       +  $43.93 composting bin
                                           $141.50 emptying septic tank
                                 Total:  $3,206.23

Value $399,902 * .7573 =     $3,028.46
                                       +  $95.50 septic tank emptying
                                   Total $3,123.96


Increased Revenues in 2018

The expected revenue increase in 2018 is just over $1 million (from $16.2 million to $17.3 million) thanks to the increased issuance of building permits ($650 thousand in 2018), transfer taxes and additional tax revenues mainly due to development projects.

This new growth coincides with the planned revision of the Chelsea Master Plan. With the infrastructure in place in the Centre Village, this land use review will include a financial plan that establishes the relationship between debt, infrastructure and smart growth.

The new housing and commercial projects will generate an increase in tax revenues which will reduce the debt ratio. It should be noted that this new infrastructure will result in an increase in local services to Chelsea residents and visitors.

Thanks to Council’s decision to re-establish the working committees (public works, finance, human resources, fire security, etc.), there is now a structure in place to reflect on and to plan strategically for a viable and sustainable future.


Your 2018 Tax Bill

The 2018 tax increase of 1.85% (after 3.9% reduction) includes, among others:

  • Waste and Recycling (+ composting bin): includes pricing for compost bins to be delivered in late 2018 for start of composting program in 2019 (120 liter bins = $43.93 and 360 liter bins = $92.13).
  • Emptying of septic tanks (increase of $46 from $95.50 to $141.50 per house): A modification of the septic tank emptying program that was done every 3 years so that it is now done every 2 years so to comply with Q2R-22.
  • Cost of water and wastewater services to the Centre Village public buildings (cost of debt service: $36.27 and operating cost: $10.19 for a median house of $407,500).
  • Transcollines: $35.86 for a median house of $407,500
  • Hollow Glen Dam: $24.45 for a median home of $407,500
  • Share of the cost of the services of the MRC: reduction of the quota this year by $11,384. The MRC provides policing, environment and planning services, evaluation and evaluation services, and economic development.


Investment and Debt Mitigation Plan

The previous Council worked hard to close the "infrastructure deficit" by investing more than $11 million in road reconstruction (2014-2017). As a result, Chelsea has one of the lowest infrastructure deficits among Quebec municipalities (ref: RCGT 2013 study). The decision to invest in our infrastructure was made at the right time given the very low interest rates.

However, it is clear that the increases to the debt of the past are not sustainable. The Council determined that an annual increase to the debt in the range of $4.5 to $5.5 million is more realistic and sustainable for our municipality.

In its capital budget, the Council reduced its investments from $9.33 million (in 2017) to $7.4 million in 2018, and its borrowing of $6.88 million (in 2017) to $4.68 million in 2018. This year, most capital expenditures will be made by the Department of Public Works, with a focus on roadwork, ditching, and drainage.

Despite the cuts made by the Council, the investment plan shows the clear need to find other sources of funding for our capital projects. Without other sources of funding, the debt to all taxpayers will increase by more than $2 million.

Faced with this situation, the Council is considering adopting a means to mitigate the municipal debt. As part of the budget discussions, the Council decided to create a financial reserve to cover the cost of the 2018 borrowings and to repay the debt service related to these loans.

In the coming months, the Council will be presenting to residents a bylaw to create a financial reserve, providing an annual amount (from new revenues) to cover debt service costs for 2018 investments until it is repaid, leaving the debt to the ‘’at large’’ sector at its current level.

The financial reserve will also allocate amounts from new revenues to reduce debt each time a loan is refinanced.

The objective of creating this financial reserve is to keep the debt to all taxpayers at the current level of $21.7 million. (At the end of 2017, debt to all taxpayers is $21.7 million, $0.8 million lower than the forecast of $22.5 million due to a lower borrowing at the end. of the year.)


Projects by Department

The Centre Village's drinking water and wastewater system has been operational since August 2016.

The capital costs for this infrastructure will appear on tax accounts for residents and business owners in the Centre Village. The cost per unit in the built sector is $591.91; the cost per unit in the non-built sector is $549.93.

The operating costs for residents and businesses in the built sector (connected or to be connected) of the Centre Village are $ 430 per unit. For vacant lots, second hook-ups and projects in development, the cost is $ 200 per unit.


Public Works

Road rehabilitation and construction of bike path network on Mine, Notch and Kingsmere Roads with 1.5m and 2.5m bike lanes providing greater safety on a road leading to Chelsea and Gatineau Park for cyclists, and a primary active transportation alternative for Chelsea commuters at an estimated cost of $3,710,000 with potential grants of $1,383,273.

Plans and specifications for the reconstruction of Chemin de la Rivière ($150K) and for the reconstruction of Lac-Meech Road ($300K).

Stabilization of landslides on Chemin de la Rivière (estimated cost of $390,500 with potential grants of $312k in grant) and Valley and Welka (estimated cost $1,625,000 with potential grants of $400k ) following the rains of October 30th.

Reloading of Blackburn, Boisé and Larrimac roads ($120K).

Drainage works ($146K) and decontamination for the community trail ($165K - 50% grant).

Road safety project to increase motorists' awareness of speed reduction: 4 fixed speed radars in front of schools ($27k - 50% subsidy).

Various drainage and canalization works ($200K)

Planning, Sustainable Development and the Environment

The new residential and commercial projects in the Centre Village, Farm Point and Hollow Glen sectors will keep the Planning Department's team occupied, and will involve issuing several types of permits and doing inspections.

Revision of the Master Plan will start once the MRC Land Use and Development Plan is approved by Québec.

Various environmental programs: inspection and naturalization of the shore of the Gatineau River; H2O Chelsea program (groundwater and surface water component).


Public Security – Fire

Implementation of the dispatch and radio communication system with the MRC’s 911 unit.

Continuation of the training programs for firefighters and officers.


Recreation, Sports, Culture and Community Life

On behalf of Council and staff, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many volunteers who volunteer throughout the year and who give so generously of their time and talents.

Purchase a safety net for the baseball field for all ages to play ($20k)

Soccer Field Upgrade ($35K)

Security measures on the community trail by insurance ($30K - 50% grant).

The Council reiterates its involvement in the Maison des Collines (palliative care) by providing an amount of $13,000 each year for 30 years.

The council continues to invest $30,000 annually for 35 years in the seniors housing project.

The Council will invest $123,794 in the public transit system, Transcollines.


General administration

New website that is more "user friendly" with a search function.

Given the re-establishment and the increase in the number of working committees and subcommittees, a salary increase for elected officials for 2018.

The last salary increase was made in 2000.

- $10,000 for the Mayor, from $40,905 to $50,905
- $3,333 for the Deputy Mayor, from $16,095 to $19,428
- $3,333 for Councillors, from $11,955 to $15,288.

In order to promote transparency, Council discussions now will be conducted in public.



Given the work of the previous Council, we have now completed most of the major road reconstruction work.

Based on municipal staff analysis, the Council identified Meech Lake Road and River Road as the only remaining roads that require major reconstruction. The Council belives that subsidies from other levels of government are needed to be able to proceed with the reconstruction of these roads.

With respect to additional investments in the community trail, Council will continue to consult with residents to create a trail that reflects the needs and wants of the entire community. The committee will continue to research grants for this work once identified by residents in the co-design exercise.

Council is implementing the Centre Village Vision for smart and sustainable growth for new commercial and residential projects. With these new proposals, the Council is committed to preserving our village in a way that respects the environment and Chelsea’s heritage.

With the proposed housing and commercial start-ups, Council is also facing the favourable situation of an increase in revenues that will continue for years to come.

The Council, in consultation with residents, will carefully consider all aspects of smart and sustainable growth in order to meet the diverse needs of our current and future residents. As a Council, we look forward to having these discussions with you!

In closing, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the board members and municipal staff who have always had the goal of managing public finances closely while maintaining quality community and environmental services.

I am convinced that the 2018 budget is part of a vision of sustainable development for our community.

Thank you!

Caryl Green
Mayor of Chelsea


2017 Mayor's report

Mayor's Report on the 2017 Budget Forecast for the Municipality of Chelsea

January 9, 2017

Chers citoyens et citoyennes,

C’est avec grand plaisir que je vous présente les prévisions budgétaires de l’année 2017 pour le quatrième et dernier budget de ce conseil. J’aimerai reconnaitre les efforts importants du personnel municipal et des membres du conseil pour maintenir les dépenses au niveau de  l’année précèdent (2016), tout en préservant les services aux résidents et des activités communautaires. Ensemble, le conseil a travaillé pour que ce budget reflète les besoins et intérêts des résidents de Chelsea, tout en considérant leur capacité de payer.

Council has been working with staff to establish and implement budgets that are both realistic and practical, thereby decreasing the amount of the surplus at the end of each fiscal year. Council is pleased to report that it has succeeded in this regard in that the accumulated surplus went from $974,953 at year-end of 2014, to $558, 467 as of year-end of 2015. The anticipated surplus is approximately $80,000 for year-end of 2016, bringing the accumulated surplus to $150,000. While we are reducing our surpluses, Council recognizes the importance of having a surplus to cover unexpected expenses that might occur in any given year.

The reason for the surplus in 2016 is due to the fact that much of the recharging of the roads was postponed: only $30,000 was used of the $120,000 allocated for road repairs.

As per the recommendations of the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton 2014-2018 financial report, Council has chosen to reduce the use of the accumulated surplus as a means to balance its annual budget. In 2014, Council used $550,000 from the accumulated surplus; in 2015, $330,000; in 2016, $250,000; and in 2017, Council again used $250,000 to balance its annual budget.

Notre taux d’endettement sera plus élevé au cours des trois prochains exercices financiers (2017-18, 2018-19 et 2019-20) en raison de notre investissement dans les nouvelles infrastructures d’alimentation en eau potable et de traitement des eaux usées pour le secteur Centre-Village. Le service pour le remboursement de la dette commencera à diminuer à partir de l’exercice financier 2020-2021 étant donné que la dette du projet d’infrastructures baissera d’année en année.  À noter : notre service pour le remboursement de la dette est inférieur à des projections du rapport du RCGT.  Selon le rapport, le service de la dette pour 2017 et 2018 étaient respectivement de 4 839 000$ et 4 925 000$ alors qu’en réalité il sera respectivement de 3 005 356$ et 3 119 842$.

Les nouveaux projets immobiliers génèreront une augmentation des revenus de taxes ce qui fera en sorte de réduire le taux d’endettement aussi. Il est à noter que ces nouvelles infrastructures amèneront un accroissement des services de proximités offerts aux résidents de Chelsea, et aux visiteurs.

Effectivement, notre taux d’endettement sera élevé pour les trois années à venir, mais selon le Ministère des affaires municipales et l’occupation de territoire (MAMOT), cette hausse d’endettement demeure comparable à la capacité de notre municipalité à générer des revenus.

Chelsea’s debt ratio will be higher over the next three financial exercises (2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20) due to the recent investment in infrastructure in the Centre-Village sector. Our debt servicing will decrease after 2020-2021 given that the debt for the infrastructure project will decrease from year to year. Please note that our debt servicing is below the projections within the RCGT financial report: the report predicted that the debt servicing in 2017 and 2018 would be $4,839,000 and $4,925,000 while in reality, it will be respectively $3,005,356 and $3,119,842.

The planned housing and commercial projects will generate an increase in revenue from income taxes that will serve to reduce the debt as well. It is important to note that the water and wastewater project will bring increased local services for residents and for visitors to Chelsea.

Yes, Chelsea’s debt ratio will be high for the next three years, but according to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Occupation of Territory (MAMOT), the increase in Chelsea’s debt remains comparable to the capacity our municipality to generate income.

Une fois de plus cette année, le conseil est unanime quant à son désir de donner la priorité aux dépenses et investissements pour la voirie. Toutefois, Chelsea n’a pas de subvention provinciale pour la réfection des chemins dit ruraux, ni d’importantes redevances de carrière, contrairement à nos municipalités voisines. Conséquemment, nous devons emprunter les fonds nécessaires pour investir dans nos chemins et routes.

With regard to the 2017 operating budget, Council again chose to prioritize road maintenance and repairs while still offering services and community activities.

Council is pleased to announce that the 2017 tax increase will be 1.8%, which translates into an increase of $52.81 per home evaluated at $394,100 (median value).

The 2017 tax increase of 1.8% includes:

·         garbage and recycling,

·         septic emptying and inspection (unchanged at $95.50 per household),

·         salary indexation of 2% (as per the collective agreement),

·         cost for water and waste water services to the Centre-Village’s public buildings (debt servicing cost: $35.07, and operating cost: $10.64),

·         Chelsea’s share of the cost of the MRC services.

NOTE: Without the debt servicing cost of $35.07, and the operating cost of $10.64 for the water and wastewater infrastructures for the public buildings in the Centre-Village, the 2017 tax increase would be under ¼ of a percentage point (0.23%) or $7.09 per home evaluated at $394,100 (median value).

À noter, aussi: selon le cadre financier RCGT, le fardeau fiscal résidentiel devait augmenter de 3.2% par année, alors qu’en réalité, le taux de taxes a augmenté de 1.95% en 2015, de 1.25% en 2016, et de 1.8% en 2017.

The 2017 tax rate is:

· $0.7573 per $100 of residential evaluation;

· $1.0703 per $100 of non-residential evaluation.

Council was able to maintain the increase to the operating budget at a minimum due to the careful analysis made by municipal directors and staff, and to an increase in evaluation. À noter: selon le cadre financier RCGT, la valeur imposable était estimée à 1 254 491 000 en 2017 incluant 945 200$ pour les projets en développement, alors que le rôle d’évaluation du 5 octobre 2016 indique une valeur imposable de 1 325 232 000$ sans les projets en développement, soit 707 410$ de plus.

Chelsea’s share of the cost of the MRC services decreased this year due to the careful analysis by the MRC mayors and staff which resulted in an increase of 1.81% which meant an increase of only 0.26 % on Chelsea’s 2017 budget. The MRC provides Chelsea residents with services such as policing, environmental and planning services, the assessment and evaluation service, and economic development through the Centre Local du Development (CLD).

En 2016, le Conseil a décidé de répartir les  coûts de réfection du barrage Hollow Glen à l’ensemble des résidents, selon l’évaluation foncière. Cette décision du conseil se traduit par un montant annuel de 25,22 $ pour une maison évaluée à 394 100 $. Ce montant est inclus dans le taux de taxes de 0.7573$ / 100$ d’évaluation de 2017.

As promised, Council will hold a public information session in March of this year to provide an update on the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton 2014-2018 financial overview. According to an initial review by our Financial Director, Chelsea is under the projections made in the report with regard to our annual tax increases and our debt servicing costs, and over the projections in the report for our level of investments and our overall municipal evaluation. Our debt level will be higher as Council will increase its investments in roadwork; however, the overall cost to the taxpayer (i.e. debt servicing) is less than predicted in the RCGT report.


Administration generale |General administration

The Centre-Village’s drinking water and wastewater network has been operational since August 2016. The project is worth a total of almost $26 million, including work done for the Québec Ministry of Transport. The municipality received grants from the FCCQ (Fonds Chantier Canada—Québec) and the TECQ (Taxes sur essence Canada—Québec) totalling $3,692,600, and the Québec Ministry of Transport invested $1,725,000 in its road infrastructure, sidewalks, lighting and bike paths. An initial financing of borrowing by-laws was made in July 2016 for $19,271,400, of which $1,562,130 is payable annually by the Government of Québec. The final financing will take place once the remaining costs are finalized; the cost of the project remains under the estimated budget.

Les coûts de construction pour le système d’alimentation en eau potable et de traitement des eaux usées figureront sur les factures d'impôt de 2017 pour les résidents et les propriétaires d'entreprises utilisant les services et situés dans le Centre-Village. Le coût par unité dans le secteur construit est 588.46$; le coût par unité dans le secteur non-construit est 473.26$. Veuillez consulter chelsea.ca pour plus de détails sur les coûts unitaires et la description des catégories des unités.

Le coût pour la construction à l’ensemble des résidents (service de la dette) pour les édifices publics, les chemins municipaux, les trottoirs et les piste cyclables dans le Centre-Village est 35 07$ pour une maison évaluée à 394 100$ (valeur médiane).

As per the recent Notice of Motion, Council has committed to uniting the seven borrowing by-laws (studies, construction costs, etc.) in order to simplify taxation for these services throughout the Centre-Village area that will unite the built and unbuilt sectors; any changes will be retroactive to January 1, 2017.

The operational costs for 2017 for the potable water and wastewater services will appear on this year’s tax bills ($430 per unit hooked up); and the amounts for 2016 are pro-rated per the months in 2016 ($430 per unit hooked up; $200 per unit not yet hooked up). Please consult the municipal website atchelsea.ca for more information.

The operating cost for this project for Chelsea residents at large for their share of the public buildings, and municipal roads, sidewalks and bike paths, is $10.64 for a median home valued at $394,100.

Selon le PTI, en 2017, nous avons prévu 10 000 $ pour le renouvellement du parc informatique et 21 000 $ pour l’installation d’enseignes de bienvenue. En 2018,  nous investirons 200 000 $ pour refaire le stationnement de l’hôtel de ville et 10 000 $ pour le système PG, afin de mieux gérer le PTI et la dette. Finalement, un montant de 35 000 $ sera investi en 2019 pour le système PG dans le but de mieux gérer le système de paie.

Travaux publics | Public Works

Tel que mentionné, le conseil est unanime dans sa décision de prioriser l’entretien, les réparations et le pavage de nos chemins municipaux. Dans le PTI, le conseil a prévu en 2017, un montant de 120 273 $ pour le rechargement de divers chemins; en 2018, 196 552 $; et en 2019, 455 876 $.

Based on an analysis by the Public Works department, Council decided to invest in several major road repairs. In 2017, an amount of $175,971 has been allocated to finalize surface treatments begun in 2016, along with $473,852 for additional surface treatments; in 2018, $192,391, and in 2019, $210, 163 is allocated for more surface treatments.

À noter : Selon le cadre financier RCGT, les investissements prévus pour 2017 et 2018 étaient de 3 000 000$ par année, mais selon le PTI budgété, les investissements devraient plutôt être de l’ordre de plus de 9 000 000 000$ par année pour 2017 et 2018. Oui, ces investissements supplémentaires sur les infrastructures routières et autres font en sorte d’augmenter la dette nette, mais la charge fiscale des contribuables sera tout de même inférieure aux prédictions de cadre financier RCGT car le service de la dette est estimé inférieur au prédictions du cadre financier.

In 2017, Hendrick Road will be repaired and repaved ($513,200); Cecil Road will be extended ($220,000), along with an emergency access road to the Meredith Centre ($53,870). In 2017, $30,000 is allocated for plans and specifications for the repair of Gleneagle Road, with the work ($175,000) scheduled for 2018.

Le chemin de la Montagne sera repavé en 2017 (3 946 563 $ dont 1 138 230 $ seront assumés par la subvention de la taxe sur l’essence et contribution du Canada (TECQ) pour un montant de 379 250 $, et de 758 980 $ provenant du Plan d’intervention en infrastructure routières locales (PIIRL) et qui est en attente d’approbation.

Une évaluation de la chaussée, une étude géotechnique, et des plans et devis pour lechemin de la Rivière (210 000 $) seront réalisés en 2017; la réfection de ce chemin est prévue (3 997 490 $) pour 2018. 

In 2017, drainage work, repairs and re-paving are planned for sections of Barnes, Kingsmere and Meech Lake roads ($500,000); in 2018, repairs and re-paving of Notch Road ($1,053,900) and Meech Lake Road, including guardrails ($2,292,300) are planned.

En 2017, le pavage des accotements de la route 105 (entre Larrimac et Tulip Valley) est prévu au montant de 392 648 $.

In 2017, two trucks with snow removal equipment will be replaced for a total of $410,000, along with a new pick-up truck with equipment for $38,000; in 2019, a grader ($375,000), a pick-up truck with a snow shovel ($67,000), and a lawn tractor ($17,000) will be replaced.

In 2017, a water tank used to clean culverts and for dust control will be purchased for $86,000, additional drainage work ($50,000) and 12 new street lamps ($13,380). Work on the municipal garage that was delayed from 2016, will be completed in 2017 ($182,000).

Loisirs, sports, culture et de la vie communautaire | Recreation, Sports, Culture and Community Life

With this budget, Council reiterated its ongoing support for the recreation and sports, culture and heritage, and community life services and activities. On behalf of Council and staff, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many residents who volunteer throughout the year, and who give so generously of their time and talents. Your contribution adds to the quality of life in Chelsea, and creates the amazing community that we call home!

Guidés par notre plan directeur de transport actif, nous poursuivrons deux projets d’investissement en 2017 :

1) Le projet des pistes cyclables sur les chemins de la Mine, Notch et Kingsmere s’amorcera avec les plans et devis (160 000$), et la construction d’une piste cyclable unidirectionnelle des deux côtés sur le chemin de la Mine (932 385$, incluant une subvention de 300 000$ du CCN, et une subvention de 421 610$ demandée du Fonds des petites collectivités). En 2018, on prévoit la construction des pistes bidirectionnelles sur les chemins Notch et Kingsmere (542 178$ incluant une subvention demandée du Fonds des petites collectivités). Alors que ces pistes favoriseront le transport actif de nos résidents, elles stimuleront également le tourisme à vélo.

2) The project to develop a community trail on the municipal railway corridor will continue in 2017 with a second environmental study ($269,000 with a grant request of $134,500), a geotechnical study ($27,900 with a grant request of $13,950), along with a social impact study ($15,000 with a grant request of $7,500). Public consultations are planned to engage residents with regard to the proposed project. Should the Council decide to proceed with this project, amounts of $145,900 are allocated in 2018 and $ 144,900 in 2019 for plans and specifications, and a total amount of $1,137,500 is allocated in 2018 and 2019 for the construction of the trail. Staff will research potential grants for this project in order to minimize the costs to residents.

En ligne avec le Plan directeur des parcs et espaces vertes, deux parcs seront rénovés en 2017 :

-  le terrain multisport à Farm Point, plus des équipements (280 000 $, incluant des subventions totalisant 21 600 $),

-  les structures de jeu au parc Radapaw (103 000 $). Il y aura une mise à niveau des terrains de soccer en 2017 (10 865 $) et en 2018 (67 260 $).

Les rénovations du terrain de balle du Centre-Village se poursuivent grâce à une subvention de 150 000 $ de la Fondation des Blue Jays, et l’utilisation de 176 735 $ du Fonds des parcs et terrains de jeu.

In 2018, the parking lot at the Meredith Centre will be repaved ($215,000), various park infrastructure bought ($29,406), and a dry water pumping station installed in Farm Point ($25,000). In 2019, repairs and renovations to the Farm Point community centre are planned ($688,000), along with an upgrade to the skating rink and changing rooms in Hollow Glen ($125,000).

Les activités de la bibliothèque se poursuivront, et nous prévoyons l’achat de nouveaux livres à l’aide de la subvention de 20 000$ du ministère de la Culture et des Communications. Aussi, nous achèterons des chaises et tables pour le centre communautaire de Farm Point (2 675$).

Council chose to support La Fab : le Centre des Arts, de la Culture et de la Patrimoine, and the Mill Road Community Space, along with la Maison Étincelle in the amount of $3,000 each. An amount of $3,200 was allocated to the repairs and reconstruction of the Old Chelsea Protestant Cemetery.

Le conseil réitère son implication dans la Maison des Collines (des soins palliatifs) en fournissant un montant de 13 000$ chaque année (pour 30 ans). La Maison des Collines souhaite ouvrir ses portes dès 2017.

Le conseil investit 30 000$ annuellement (pour 35 ans) dans le projet d’habitation des ainés. La Corporation d’habitation souhaite accueillir ses premiers résidents dès 2017.

In 2015, Chelsea Council adopted a Policy and Action Plan for Seniors. Staff have been implementing the plan’s recommendations; the costs are included within the operating budget. A committee of residents has been working to develop a Policy and Action Plan for Families that will be presented to Council for adoption in 2017.

The report on Tourism and Economic Development for Chelsea, La Pêche and the Gatineau Park was presented to Council in 2016. This year, Council allocated $10,000 to continue the analysis and implementation of the report.

Transcollines continues to respond to residents’ needs for public transportation. To date, close to 300 monthly passes have been sold, one third of which were to students. In 2017, the Municipality will invest $121,364 as its share in operating costs of this regional bus service.

Urbanisme, développement durable et l’environnement | Planning, Sustainable Development and the Environment

Avec la mise en service des réseaux d’eaux usées et eau potable, les nouveaux projets résidentiels et commerciaux du Centre-Village occuperont l’équipe du Service d’urbanisme et développement durable. Les projets résidentiels et commerciaux dans le secteur Farm Point et le projet résidentiel à Hollow Glen démarreront en 2017 aussi, ce qui impliquera l’émission de plusieurs différents types de permis et la réalisation d’inspections. Les résidents de Chelsea profiteront bientôt de l’offre d’une plus grande variété de logements qui répondront mieux aux besoins des résidents.

En 2017, les inspections des berges se poursuivront et l’équipe prévoit faire le suivi des berges déjà inspectées des lacs Meech, Kingsmere et Mountains, ainsi que de nouvelles inspections des berges de la rivière Gatineau.

Les services d’environnement, les inspections des fosses septiques, les tests d’eau du programme H2O et les tests de radon seront toujours disponibles.

The MRC will finalize its revised regional land use and development plan in the spring of 2017. Once the regional plan is approved by Quebec, the Municipality will undertake preliminary consultations for the revision of Chelsea’s Master plan.

Sécurité incendie | Fire safety

Le projet de migration des radios de communication vers le numérique, en fusion avec la centrale de 911 de la MRC, implique 81 700$ pour le remplacement de nos radios.

Selon le PTI, pour l’année 2017 nous prévoyons l’achat d’équipements pour des bornes fontaines du Centre-Village (5 000$), un ventilateur à pression positive (5 000$), des coussins gonflables (5 500$), le remplacement d’un dalle de béton pour un réservoir à essence (6500$), des habits de combat (9 000$), d’une laveuse pour les habits de combat et des casiers (20 000$). En 2018, l’achat de lumières de circulation pour les portes de garage (9 250$), des cylindres à air respirable (10 000$), un réservoir d’eau souterraine à Kirk’s Ferry (20 000$) et une station de pompage et borne sèche à Farm Point (25 000$) est prévu.

Firefighters will continue their scheduled home visits in Ward 6.


While this year’s budget exercise succeeded in limiting the increase in our operating expenses, the challenge facing our community remains the need to diversify our revenue source. Starting in 2017, we anticipate increased revenues from the residential and commercial projects in the Centre-Village, Farm Point and Hollow Glen sectors.

Council will continue to work to address the housing needs of young families, and to support our seniors so they can continue to live in our community thus ensuring the vitality and sustainability of our municipality.

The implementation of the recreational tourism plan will help stimulate economic development within Chelsea—Wakefield—Gatineau Park with an emphasis on outdoor activities, culture and our village life.

J’aimerais remercier les membres du conseil et le personnel municipal qui ont toujours eu comme objectif une gestion étroite des finances publiques tout continuant de maintenir une variété de services communautaires et environnementaux de qualité. Je suis fière de dire que le budget de 2017 s’inscrit dans cette vision d’un développement durable pour notre communauté.

Merci à tous!

Caryl Green
Mairesse de Chelsea
Mayor of Chelsea