By-laws regulating tree cutting


Chelsea has in place by-laws that govern tree cutting on its territory to help promote the conservation of forest cover and encourage reforestation, while discouraging abuse


Section 4.6 of Zoning By-law bearing the Number 636-05 contains the following provisions on trees.

It is forbidden to cut trees with a trunk more than 10 cm in diameter measured at 30 cm from ground level throughout the territory of the Municipality of Chelsea, except in the following circumstances:

  • Execute construction work, struccture or development ($50 certificate of authorization required)
  • An expansion, relocation, alteration, demolition ($50 certificate of authorization required)
  • Execute public works
  • Construction of a pathway to access works or developments
  • Sanitation cut
  • Outside setbacks on a woodlot for personal use
  • The tree is dead or suffering from a disease
  • The tree represents a danger to safety
  • The tree is detrimentalto the growth and well-being of neighbouring trees
  • The tree causes damage to public or private property
  • The roots cause damage to foundations or the property, underground pipes, sidewalks or pavements 

No tree cutting shall proceed in areas prone to landslides without complying with the "Regulatory framework for the control of land use in areas prone to landslides"  (French version only) table found as Apprendix II of the Zoning By-law.  Also exempt from these provisions is any tree cutting operation within Gatineau Park on the NCC land.


By-law bearing the Number 639-05 Respecting Permits and Certificates contains provisions concerning the issuance of a certificate of authorization for tree cutting.

The administering authority must obtain on behalf of the applicant the appropriate documentation to be able to assess their request.  A fee of $50 is applicable to obtain a certificate of authorization and is valid for a period of 6 months for requests identified up-above with an asterisk (*).  Requests must be made in writing by the property owner and shall include the following information:

  • For a main construction, the application must be accompanied by a proposed site plan prepared by a land surveyor
  • For all other construction, a scale plan can be prepared by the owner or a professional 

In both cases, the plan must indicate:

  • The location of buildings, works, structures, or planned installations
  • The location of exisitng trees on site having a trunk of more than 10 cm in diametre measured at 30 cm from ground level
  • The identification of trees to be cut down having a trunk of more than 10 cm in diametre measured at 30 cm from ground level
  • Any other information deemed necessary for the analysis of the request such as photos of the trees to cut down


Take note that the certificate of authorization for tree cutting is issued after delivery of the construction permit for projected works


Trees affected by the emerald ash borer 

To find the latest news and information on the emerald ash borer and to consult the map to control the movement of potential infested materials, please visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website by clicking on the following link: